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To the new birth, go all out | Xinxiang Chengde Energy’s 2020 inventory.

Grow the cohesion toward the new, and create the future by doing good. 
2020 will be a year of ups and downs. Numerous surprises and surprises will come.
 Opportunities and challenges are left to those who are prepared, think well, 
know how to advance and retreat, and make changes in time.
Looking back on 2020, Xinxiang Chengde has taken firm steps in the cryogenic pressure vessel industry. 
Through its dedication and enthusiasm in the right direction,
 it has gone all out to deal with the epidemic, achieving a year-on-year growth of 25%, 
and giving it to the industry and the society. Satisfactory answer sheet.
1. Fight the epidemic and rush to help Leishenshan Hospital
        During the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, Xinxiang Chengde hurriedly organized employees 
to return to work, star and night, and overcome all difficulties, 
to make aid equipment for the Wuhan Leishenshan Hospital project-"medical cryogenic liquid oxygen storage
 tank", pressure regulating device, air bath vaporizer, etc. Grouped equipment.
From receiving an emergency call on January 29, to 8 am on February 2, the equipment arrived at the 
designated location of Wuhan Leishenshan Hospital smoothly, and was installed and debugged under the 
guidance of technicians. 
On February 4, the commissioning of six sets of medical oxygen supply system equipment was completed. 
It is the honor of Xinxiang Chengde to contribute to the construction of Leishenshan Hospital and 
contribute to this extraordinary "war epidemic".

▲The large truck carrying Chengde Energy's support equipment rushed to help Wuhan Thunder Mountain, 
contributing to the construction of the hospital 
2. Good deeds illuminate the road to epidemic prevention and won multiple honorary titles At the critical
 moment of the fight against the new crown epidemic, 
Xinxiang Chengde actively responded, calling on all Chengde people to dedicate their love, actively 
donate money and materials, and donate 50,000 yuan to Fengquan District. 
The company’s party branch called on cadres and employees to donate their love, 
with a cumulative donation of 37,000 yuan, which was used to purchase protective materials for 
Fengquan District People’s Hospital.
 During the epidemic, supply medical oxygen storage tanks and other equipment for first-line medical
 institutions to provide strong rear support. In June, the Fengquan District New Coronavirus Epidemic
and Control Headquarters awarded Xinxiang Chengde a certificate of honor;
 in September, at the China Gas Industry Commendation Conference, Xinxiang Chengde won the 
"Public Welfare Award".
▲Photos of some honorary certificates
        For a long time, Xinxiang Chengde has been keen on public welfare, building a "warm and caring" 
and feeding back and contributing to the society. Actively participate in loving agriculture activities, 
condolences to poor households, 
help targeted poverty alleviation, help the society to improve the educational environment, use practical 
actions to promote the common progress of enterprises and society, 
infect more people to do charity and love together, for better development of society Do your best.
▲The picture shows the donation of air conditioners, condolences to the fire officers and soldiers, 
as well as the golden plaques and pennants received
3. Building new plants to expand production capacity, dual-drive with soft and hard power, ready for 2021
        In order to meet the high-quality development of the company and the increasing market demand, 
Xinxiang Chengde expanded its production capacity and built a new factory—the North Factory, 
covering an area of ​​35 acres and a standardized factory building area of ​​more than 10,000 square meters. 
After it is put into production, it will fully guarantee the supply of production capacity.
 At the same time, it will accelerate the research and development process of the entire category. 
With the standardized development of the cryogenic pressure vessel industry, differentiation, 
intelligence, energy saving, and in-demandization have become important engines for the development 
of cryogenic pressure vessels. Xinxiang Chengde will continue to use product innovation and technology 
to lead, 
and continue to create consistent differentiation and integration. The low-temperature pressure vessel 
that needs to be chemically promoted the development of the industry.

▲Application scenarios of some products
▲Application scenarios of some products
4. Quality + brand "dual product" engine
        In April, Xinxiang Chengde launched the "dual product" model of quality + brand to upgrade the
 corporate brand image. 
In terms of quality, Xinxiang Chengde continues to strengthen corporate standards, adopts a scientific
 and effective management model, 
accelerates the intelligent upgrade and update of production equipment, deepens product quality 
with a more focused spirit, 
and continues technological innovation. In terms of brand, establish brand service awareness, 
strengthen the sense of responsibility of employees,
 and adhere to the spirit of "******" to do a good job in every aspect of service, improve service levels,
 increase brand loyalty, and expand brand influence.
 In addition, it will continue to accelerate the pace of brands going global, 
convey the value of Chinese brands to consumers around the world, 
and make positive contributions to the country's "brand power" strategy.
5. Broaden the domestic and international markets and participate in a number of large-scale exhibitions
        Participated in a number of large-scale industry exhibitions, including IG CHINA International 
Gas Exhibition, China International Gas Technology and Equipment Exhibition,
 etc. Communicate the status quo of the industry with well-known companies in the industry and discuss 
the innovation and development of the industry and future trends. 
At the exhibition, Xinxiang Chengde's product technology and ideas were displayed, which were well 
received by new and old customers.
▲Part of the exhibition photos
6. Performance continues to break through upwards, a year-on-year increase of 25%
        In 2020, Xinxiang Chengde will make an all-out effort. 
Under the background of the impact of the epidemic and fierce market competition, 
it will still maintain a steady momentum of growth, achieve a year-on-year growth of 25%, 
and continue to make breakthroughs in production, research and development, sales, and delivery. 
In terms of products, channels, and word of mouth, we have achieved excellent results, 
overcoming the adverse effects of the epidemic, turning "crisis" into opportunities, 
and achieving breakthroughs against the trend.
        Looking forward to 2021, Xinxiang Chengde will continue to improve quality and efficiency 
and advance steadily,
 being user-oriented, focusing on key areas, innovating technologies and optimizing processes, 
and bringing more breakthrough new results to users and the market. Focus on key markets 
at home and abroad, 
and strive to achieve new breakthroughs!


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